About Us

Founded in 1911, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was established in the spirit of intertwining Chinese and western cultures to advance knowledge exchange and cultivate elite talent with a global perspective. Today, HKU is Asia’s global university attracting students and scholars from all corners of the world to engage in high-quality teaching and research. 

To enhance the University’s core mission in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange, the Mainland Affairs Office (MAO) was established in 2002 to facilitate academic exchanges between HKU and peer institutions in Mainland China. The MAO works closely with partner institutions, forming strategic alliances to promote research and academic collaborations and boost HKU’s global impact as a leading research university.


To develop collaborative ties with universities and educational institutions in mainland China

To build extensive research networks between HKU and Mainland institutions

To provide access to the latest information on Chinese affairs and promote exchange between HKU and the Mainland

To showcase HKU's strengths and advance its status as a leading global university

Mainland Engagement