Sino-British Fellowship Trust Visitorships

Outgoing Visit to UK & mainland china

The Sino-British Fellowship Trust supports visitorships for academic staff and postgraduate students of the University of Hong Kong to undertake academic exchange or research visits to the United Kingdom and Mainland China.


  • The applicant should be assistant professor or above (including professor, associate professor, assistant professor); or 
  • The applicant should be research postgraduate student or above (including post-doctoral fellow, PhD student); and
  • The applicant should be over 25 years of age and in a good state of health.

Financial Support

The level of financial support is subject to review by the Panel from time to time. The award will cover the costs of:

  • Travel expenses of a return trip in the most direct and economic way between the two places concerned;
  • A stipend of HK$18,000 per month during the period;
  • An allowance of HK$1,000 for incidental expenses for the entire duration of the visit; and
  • Visa application fee, if any.


The award will cover visits for a period of not less than one month and up to three months.


The applicant should liaise with the host institution beforehand, following which he/she should submit:

  • A completed application form (Download Here);
  • A detailed curriculum vitae;
  • A proposal giving details of the study or research to be undertaken; his/her general interests; the nature of the work he/she will take up on return to the University, and
  • An official invitation letter from the host institution confirming willingness to receive the applicant to carry out the proposed project.

All applications should be endorsed by Heads of Departments/Centres/Units concerned or Deans of Faculties if the applicant is the Head, and submitted to the Mainland Affairs Office for the consideration of the Panel. Priority will be given to studies in the fields of arts and sciences which will help advance education for the public benefit.

*Applications for retrospective visiting period will not be eligible.


August 31, 2020

*Special Notice: As advised by the Task Force on Infectious Diseases on March 14, 2020, members of the University are not encouraged to travel before the virus situation improves. In this connection, applications will be suspended until further notice.