K. C. Wong Education foundation

Conference Sponsorship Programme

The K. C. Wong Education Foundation Conference Sponsorship Programme supports the higher educational institutions in Hong Kong to invite Chinese scholars in Mainland China to participate in international academic conferences that are held in Hong Kong in order to promote exchange amongst scholars from around the world and strengthen the tie between institutes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Format and Eligibility

Sponsorship includes the expenses in travelling, daily allowance and registration fee, partly or in whole. The amount sponsored will depend on the yearly budget of the Foundation, the number of applications etc.


A completed Conference Sponsorship Programme Application Form attached with supporting documents should be submitted to the Mainland Affairs Office (9/F, Knowles Building) by the following deadlines:

DeadlineFor Conference Held in

Last working day in March
(of the current year)

July to December
(of the current year)
Last working day in September
(of the current year)
January to June
(of the following year)

The Foundation will consider each application on its merits. All applicants will be notified in writing the outcome of their applications (successful or otherwise) within 3 weeks of the stated deadline.

Acknowledgement and Liability

All publication should state the sponsorship by the Foundation and a completed Conference Sponsorship Programme Post-Conference Report enclosed with relevant materials is to be submitted within three months after the completion of the conference.

The Foundation will not bear any responsibility besides the amount committed for the application. For safety sake, it is requested that the invited academics should buy the insurance policy for themselves. The Foundation reserves the right to make changes to the Conference Sponsorship Programme at any time without prior notice.


Details of the K. C. Wong Education Foundation Conference Sponsorship Programme can be found via the following links:


Last working day of March and September each year

*Special Notice: As advised by the Task Force on Infectious Diseases on March 14, 2020, members of the University are not encouraged to travel before the virus situation improves. In this connection, applications will be suspended until further notice.


Email: tragrant@hku.hk